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How to Ease into Autumn in Austin, Texas (Continued) - Juniper Springs A Concierge Community Blog

How to Ease into Autumn in Austin, Texas (Continued)

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Earlier this month, we shared a list to start this season off right.  The list was so well read that we decided to continue the trend. 
To ease you into the Autumn season, our family at Juniper Springs apartments in Austin are sharing some additional ideas to prepare for the changing of the season.  

Try Canning!
After you have selected some of the seasons’ finest fruits, its time to savor and save the flavors for those holiday feasts to come. From plums to peaches to all the prunes in season, preserving those seasonal favorites is a classic way to spend a fall day.  

To get you started, we found a super simple website that lays out the basics of canning from the folks at

Some of the best recipes can be found at  Some of our favorites that are a little out of the ordinary yet ideal for fall feasts include:

Habanero Apricot Jam
Carrot Cake Jam 
Spiced Tomato Jam 

And this ‘must-make’ seasonal favorite: Apple Butter

Make an Apple Pie
While we are on the subject of easing into Autumn, the seasonal aroma of a fresh baked apple pie is sure to set the scent that fall is in the air.  We have found that some of the best recipes for fall flavors are on; not just for the recipes, yet for the history and research that their team goes through to ensure each recipe is as close to perfect as it can be. 

And just when you thought you only needed ONE recipe, the website offers 25, yes 25, recipes for the perfect apple pie.

Get a Head Start on that Halloween Costume 
Although Halloween is a month away, some of the best values for Halloween costumes can be found right now.  Here’s a quick list of top spots to find the largest selection of ready-to-wear costumes in Austin:

Spirit Halloween 
Party City – Sunset Valley Village 
Party City – Balcones Woods

If you’re feeling a little more daring, hit the thrift or consignment shops to get your creative juices flowing.

Lucy in the Disguise with Diamonds 
The Bazaar 
Blue Velvet 
Coco Coquette

Ride into the Sunset
Soon, the Texas Hill Country will be overflowing with the colors of the fall season.  And as soon as those temperatures cool off, it’s the perfect spot to head into the hills on horseback.  Here are two of the best guided trail ride companies that we recommend.

Texas Trail Rides: For a traditional ride throughout the ranch with more adventurous options, Texas Trail Rides welcomes the novice to the most advanced.  Looking for something different to do for that next birthday or bachelor party? Check out what they call the “ultimate Texas experience” that include skeet shooting, ax throwing and trick roping, too!

Maverick Horseback Riding: Just one click into their website sets the tone with a quote from Winston S. Churchill: “There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.” They continue to describe their approach to sharing their horses with humans. “Guests who seek out Maverick’s horsemanship experience love that we offer low-key, relaxing trail rides AND engaging, challenging and highly rewarding horsemanship experiences.”


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